Practicing happiness 29

The better version of yourself.

Your inner being is the expanded version of you, the part of you that said “yes” to life’s call every time and didn’t hang back in fear, anger, or resentment.

We all value our identity and even a depressed and stressed identity is precious to us – that’s why it persists despite the great variety life throws our way.

Even feeling miserable is an effort and an accomplishment.

We want to be happier and enjoy life more but do we acknowledge that this means to some extent becoming a different person?

Our habitual reactions and attitudes and thoughts are what keep us as we are. Our inner being always takes the most positive perspective in line with our desires, so by definition there is a discrepancy between our response and the response of our inner being.

How many times in life have you gone with something despite your fears and nerves and felt so much better after the fact?

That’s you keeping up with your inner being.

How many times have you said “no” to life, or dwelt on a negative feeling just because it’s familiar?

That’s what resistance and misalignment feels like.

Catching up with you

We feel the pull of this happier, easier, more loving and more trusting version of ourselves for whom (we somehow know) everything works out better.

Your inner being is a match to all your desires. It resides in joy and appreciation of things you haven’t yet seen, and of things you see but take for granted.

It doesn’t join you ever in a single bad-feeling thought, memory, or idea.

So catching up with your inner being really could feel like playing the part of a different person. It really might feel like pretending. But if it’s guided by your personal sense of happiness and desires, it’s a pretence in the direction of you, and of everything you truly want to be.

Pretend; pretend you’re already standing amidst the fulfilment of all your desires. Pretend you’re already feeling the ease and flow and trust of the person your inner being has become. Pretend to be what life has been calling you to be.

Because pretending is nothing more than stretching out, reaching toward something. Seek and you shall find. Imitate what you have already become, deep inside.