Happiness Day 21


One of the basic tools in the Abraham-Hicks arsenal is pivoting.

Pivoting means abruptly changing your emotional direction when you find yourself in an unwanted feeling place.

Are you feeling anxious? Find words that feel like the opposite of anxiety and reach for thoughts and feelings that match it.

Words like calm, ease, peace, tranquility, clarity, certainty, confidence, optimism, belief, trust, knowing, obviousness.

Obviousness? Yeah, you know: when things are just so obvious that you feel relief and comfort and reassurance.

The words themselves are just markers for a feeling. So you can even make up words if that feels good to you.

And picking unexpected words can help us pivot more effectively.

You wouldn’t think “obviousness” was the opposite of anxiety, but if it helps you pivot then it’s perfect. If not, try something else.

Pivoting is a great practice because as soon as you notice yourself feeling bad you can immediately turn it around by finding the opposite feeling.

Before I learned about pivoting I would focus more and more on the bad feeling, asking why I felt that way and trying to get to the bottom of it.

But there is no bottom. Focusing on bad feelings just keeps us feeling bad, while the solution could be just as simple and easy as finding the opposite.