Happiness Challenge Day 2

It’s day two of my Happiness Challenge and I wanted to share some insights even at this early stage.

Half-full or half-empty?

First off, making a commitment to feel good all the time has completely changed how I perceive my emotional state.

Our emotional state fluctuates throughout the day with natural peaks and troughs. Previously I fixated on those troughs, the low points, and they defined my emotional landscape.  

But my commitment to feeling good all the time has shifted my focus to the peaks, and in so doing I’ve noticed that the troughs are actually few and far between and easily avoided.

So the first bit of good news is that I feel okay most of the time, so long as I’m not fixated on the troughs.

My actual mood probably hasn’t changed that much, I just started asking how close to full the glass is, rather than asking how empty.

Feeling just okay is not good enough if you’re spending lots of time wallowing in your problems.

But if you are instead aspiring to the heights of happiness, just okay is an excellent launching pad or starting point.