Trust is enough

I’ve been grappling with how to make more of the newfound trust in God I’m experiencing.

Yet my habits of thought haven’t yet caught up. I’m used to trying to work it all out by myself.

Trust doesn’t feel like an answer to a question so much as being uplifted and supported by a power vastly greater than my own.

It’s as if I’ve spent years working out how to fly, and only now let myself be picked up by the wind.

And that old “working out” habit still wants to dig into the trust I feel. It will work, I’m sure of it, but from a position of further surrender, further trust, not a detached and lonely analysis.

With that in mind I offer this:

Let trust be enough.

It’s not something you can add to the mix, take on board, or bear in mind as you return to business as usual.

Let trust be enough, because trust is now the avenue of everything else you’re wanting.

And don’t forget you only want all of that because it feels so much like trust.

So just let trust be enough. You needn’t add to it, augment it, or transform it.

Trust, and you’re already there. Trust, and you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Trust, and there’s nothing else you need do, or can do.

Look nowhere else but at the trust growing inside you and outside you. And let that trust be enough.