The nature of life is not suffering

At some point I chose to accept the religious proposition that life is inherently suffering.

Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Sufi sources all seemed to proclaim that suffering is an intrinsic part of the human condition and that we are closer to the meaning of life when we face suffering and accept it.

This point of view, this way of looking at life, served me at a difficult time when life was full of suffering and misery seemed inescapable. It was empowering to accept the suffering and stop trying to run from it.

But it is no longer empowering for me to believe that life is suffering or that my suffering is more real than my joyful and pleasant experiences.

So I choose now to believe that suffering is not important. Suffering is not significant. What is significant is my will and my happiness. What I want in life – the things I love and enjoy. These are what matter.

I am allowed to let go of past suffering and the fears and anxieties associated with it. I don’t have to keep track, and I don’t have to feel it anymore. Suffering is not more authentic or more meaningful. It’s just noise.

I choose instead to cherish and keep track of the good feelings and the good things in life. I choose to keep track of the exciting, happy, joyful, cheering, and satisfying things that make life fun and easy to enjoy.

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