Pure awareness is for happiness

Pure awareness is separate from body and mind, but the three are still connected.

We know that our minds and bodies are connected and when one feels good or bad it influences the other.

Pure awareness doesn’t get sick or become troubled like our body and mind do; but what can happen is that we forget who we really are and forget the centrality and freedom of pure awareness.

When we remember who we really are and we remember what pure awareness is like, that is akin to our minds feeling free and our bodies feeling vibrant and healthy. The three go together.

Putting pure awareness where it belongs, acknowledging it as the core of who we are, who we really are, releases mental and physical tension and disorder that have arisen from trying to manage our lives as just minds and bodies.

But at the same time, our minds and bodies and the lives we lead count. They have merit. Pure awareness is not disinterested in the wishes, preferences and goals we aspire to. It is not impartial to the health and flourishing of our minds and bodies.

The trouble is that our minds aren’t accustomed to the ways and means of pure awareness. We pay more attention to the cumulative stories told by other minds, other people.

We hear stories like: if you pray hard enough, your prayers will be answered; if you believe in yourself you can do anything; if you really want it, it will happen.

But what these stories do not tell is that the work is not done by the mind. They might point at the answer, or hint at what happened in some other person’s experience, but it is not replicable by a mind.

Because these stories tend to omit the inspiration, the moments of clarity, the stillness and silent moments where pure awareness came to the fore for those people, bringing what they wanted.

Some teachings will tell you that pure awareness is the same as the being that creates all of reality. Your true identity is neither the body nor the mind, but an eternal and all-powerful essence. This essence hears and knows and witnesses everything we have lived. It knows what we want. It knows how to bring about the flourishing and joy of our whole selves.

What we can take from this is that the happiness, love, and joy we recognise with our mind and body resonates also with the pure awareness that is our core and our true identity. The happiness we feel, our genuine desires and joys can’t go astray and won’t be forgotten. They are completely known and shared and created by pure awareness, but without story and without struggle and without the kind of effort our minds expect to hear.

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