A perfect circle of inspiration and trust

Inspiration turns up as ideas and impulses that feel good and are not pressured or contrived. Learning to trust inspiration and act on it has brought a sense of adventure, confidence, and peace of mind to me this past month.

First, I learned to trust that these ideas and impulses are inspiration. I can tell almost immediately when they are not inspiration, because not-inspiration comes with secondary outcomes in mind, ulterior motives or plans attached. If it has these, it is not inspiration. Trusting means knowing that inspiration exists and what it looks like, and that it is something worth listening to. Inspiration is a source of adventure.

Second, I learned to trust that inspiration is enough. This means not trying to add to or make up for the inspiration. All inspired action is coming from a deeper place within you and is connected as part of a greater order in life and reality. If you’re inspired tp go to the shops, you don’t need to add other plans to make the inspired trip “worthwhile”. If you’re inspired to message someone, you don’t have to “take the opportunity” to organise a catch-up. If you’re inspired to research a product online you don’t have to add the uninspired action of looking for the best deal or doing a cost-benefit analysis of all the specs. These additional actions might show up as inspired at the time, and that’s fine. But if I am inspired to write this article as-is, trust it enough to leave it as-is.

Third, I learned to trust that inspiration is all that is required. It’s not just a fun and adventurous add-on to our regular plans, though it might start out that way. But over time I am recognising that inspiration is the optimum path to achieving my goals. Inspiration has grown quickly from a tiny and unexpected addition to my normal life, into something that supplants and outshines all my other methods and efforts and practices. Everything I care about and enjoy can be better approached through inspiration and no uninspired action can ever outperform it. Bit by bit, inspiration has woven itself into my daily life and eventually nothing I do will be uninspired.

Trusting inspiration until everything I do is inspired, and my whole life is full of trust. Trusting the inspiration that comes, trusting that it is enough, and trusting that this inspiration is all I ever need; a perfect circle of inspiration and trust.

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