Truly authentic action

How do you write when practicing pure awareness?

Pure awareness creates a “zone of silence”, wu xin, which allows our actions and insights to come from our own nature, rather than from our internal narratives or habits.

Truly authentic action is inspired by reality acting on our inmost nature, as opposed to contrived action which comes from the pressure to conform to the stories we tell about ourselves and the world.

I could sit and write a blog post, motivated by internal expectations and a sense of momentum carrying over from my recent posts, and that would be an unsatisfying effort.

Instead I can go into my own zone of inward silence and let go of all expectations and narratives and simply let inspiration arise if it arises.

There is no prejudice, no preoccupation, no pressure. And therefore whatever comes out of me comes out authentic and pristine and refreshing.

Writing is an exercise in authentic self-expression with no point beyond allowing and enjoying this natural movement. It is inspired, but modestly; we could call it spontaneous but it isn’t random nor disconnected from deeper meaning and order.

It is my uninhibited nature or xing 性 being moved by the Dao that creates and guides all things and nourishes them with de 德.

This de is the power that makes us what we are. What we feel as authentic action is de nourishing us. This is why it feels good to let go of our stories and let ourselves reconnect with the Dao that is always present and always guiding.

We don’t have to wait for moments of crisis or great decision to feel the relief of being true to ourselves, authentic, or inspired. In every moment we can let go of contrived motives and narratives and let ourselves be guided by the Dao from that place of inward silence, guided by the way, and nourished by its power.

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