LoA and stuff that feels good

In contrast to my previous post, lately I have experienced a number of “things I like” popping up in my experience.

These things I like, we might also call “stuff that feels good” or stuff that I feel good about. Yet these are the kinds of things that Abraham Hicks labels “desires”.

These things popping up include artwork, furniture, technology and software, and historical sources that match my research interests. All of them had been on my radar to greater or lesser degrees, but because of my own state of mind they had seemed dull, unimportant, uninteresting, or irrelevant.

But with the emotional work I have been engaged in, these things have all become objects of fascination, excitement, progress, and joy.

What this demonstrates is the power of making peace with where I am, which included my previous post about letting go of “desires”.

One way of looking at it is that I am now feeling good enough consistently enough that I can perceive the interconnectedness of my own values and desires with the reality around me. The things I would most appreciate and enjoy are already in my vicinity, I just need to be in the right emotional vicinity to appreciate and enjoy them.

On this basis I have enough evidence to conclude to my own satisfaction that LoA works. That doesn’t mean I have everything I want in life or that the things I previously identified as my key “desires” have turned up; what it does mean is that consistent day-to-day emotional work has been matched by a change in the emotional register of things turning up in my experience.

The core of this emotional work has been, counter-intuitively, to make peace with and accept every aspect of my current experience, from unwanted circumstances to negative emotional states. Making peace with them brings a modicum of relief, and that ability to create some relief becomes, when practiced, a kind of superpower in the face of all manner of life experience.

This superpower is the real benefit and foundation of LoA teachings. If you can strengthen these relief “muscles” then you can find emotional stability independent of external circumstances. Once you can reliably attain stability you can reach for even more positive emotional states. Everything else that comes along will come along naturally. And in this light any focus on specific subjects and issues is simply to help find more relief on those subjects, be they money, relationships, or health.

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