Desire vs Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is presented as a way of obtaining your desires according to underlying laws of reality. But on closer inspection LoA teachings consistently emphasise feeling good as the true aim and outcome.

Nonetheless they persist in bundling desires together with good feelings. Feel good and you will get everything you desire.

The problem is that the word “desire” is so ambiguous and emotionally charged. Abraham Hicks distinguishes between desire and yearning as the difference between focusing on the presence versus the absence of what you want.

But AH also states that many of us don’t recognise what desire actually feels like, so accustomed are we to yearning for things we don’t have and calling this desire.

Furthermore, AH warns against fixating on desires, keeping score of them, or even thinking about them at all, for risk of slowing them down and magnifying our resistance.

And to cap it all off, the ONLY reason we desire what we desire is because we think it will make us feel better. If we could feel better now to the extent that our desires had nothing more to offer us emotionally, then we would no longer feel any strong yearning for them.

All of this can become confusing, and I for one prefer more radical solutions.

So how about: f*** desires. Forget about your desires, yearnings, wants and wishes. Just give up on them. The only reason you want them is for the emotional relief or emotional improvement and that is something you actually create within yourself and can learn to practice effectively in your own mind.

At this point AH and others usually add “and when you can produce it in your own mind consistently the things you desire will come along anyway”. But f*** that. That’s a trap. If that statement appeals to you or relieves you or feels good in any way you are still holding on to desires.

When you can consistently feel good through your own practice, then…that’s it. You feel good. F*** your desires.

When you cling to desires you give away your power. You give away your ability to feel better and feel good. Besides even AH says that when you get things you have desired you won’t find it a big deal emotionally.

Emotional highs are attainable through practice of various techniques, in fact everything taught by AH is about getting into higher emotional states. Keeping desires on the hook as even a by-product of happiness is contrary to the practices.

Or as I prefer to put it: f*** your desires.

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