Spiritual happiness and the law of attraction

The essence of law of attraction teachings is to feel good by choosing where to focus your attention, knowing that your reality will change to mirror your improved emotional state.

This is the same essential principle contained in various spiritual teachings: tune yourself to the divine source of all existence, and you will experience love and joy within you, and your life will be full of blessings.

Nothing else is required, but many of us find it difficult to be satisfied with spiritual happiness. We come to it with false beliefs that more is required of us. We think we have to work harder or acquire deeper understanding or overcome obstacles or faults in ourselves.

Nothing else is required but to feel good, or at least feel better than you do now. But it is the good feeling that comes from choosing where to focus our attention, what to think about, while knowing that whatever we do focus on, it will become bigger.

The idea is to find a satisfying feeling of ease and peace, one that I associate with contemplation, but others may find in meditation or prayer or even daydreaming about pleasant things. Practice this satisfying state, knowing that practice will make it easier to find and maintain; and eventually it will become the predominant note or tone of your life. Circumstances will shift in subtle and in glaring ways to reflect the ease and the pleasure of this state.

In this way law of attraction is simply a more contemporary account of an ancient truth about spiritual happiness and a better way to live our lives, in tune with the deepest roots of our own existence and the essence of our desires.

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