Do other people create your reality?

Taking Law of Attraction to its logical conclusion, the people in my reality are wholly dependent on the vibration or tone I set.

I’ve had the experience of feeling (and acting) like a different person depending on who I am with; but the corollary is that how I feel determines who I interact with, and how they “show up” in my experience.

When we worry too much about other people’s thoughts, feelings, and how we expect them to behave, we hem ourselves in.

If we could instead look at other people as part of the scenery, NPCs, or props in a play, then the only significant variable is the vibration or tone we set within ourselves.

We don’t need to worry about their inner world and perspective — or rather, worrying sets the tone for our experience in relation to those people and other proximate subjects.

As a practical example: sometimes I worry about how someone will receive a comment or message I’ve sent. My mind goes rapidly to my own inner model of the other person’s personality, my past experiences with them, and how they might interpret or react.

But all of that is fruitless, because the whole situation is actually governed by my own vibration or tone. Thinking about the other person as an agent with power to change my reality for better or worse only muddies the waters at best, and actively disempowers me at worst.

How do I want to feel about the message or comment? That is the only question that matters. It doesn’t mean the other person will behave how we expect, but it does mean we will continue to feel how we choose to feel, no matter how the other person responds.

If you practice your own vibration or tone deliberately, the other person will respond accordingly. If you are determined to be happy and genuinely feel better, no one can bring you down.

People don’t respond to your words or actions, they respond to the vibration or tone you are offering. They have no power to subvert or overpower your vibration…unless you have practiced yourself into subservience and compliance with others.

So clean up your act. View other people as props or extras or NPCs; whatever it takes to refresh your sense of power and responsibility for everything in your reality.

2 thoughts on “Do other people create your reality?

  1. “Do other people create your reality?”
    Of course. After all, they create your iPhone.
    We are now affected by many, though we interact with few.
    Instead of distancing ourselves from the drama of those we know, perhaps we could dilute it by recognising the benefits flowing from the multitudes we don’t.

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