Finding true happiness

Every spiritual text I’ve ever read points to the source of happiness as something other than worldly conditions.

Call it God or Deus, Brahman or Sunyata, or the Dao; whatever it is called and however it is described, the essence of these teachings is that happiness lies in letting go of worldly conditions and focusing on this mysterious spiritual truth or being instead.

Abraham-Hicks calls it Source, avoiding the baggage associated with the word “God”. But otherwise the teachings are basically the same: happiness is not attained by arranging our worldly conditions in pleasing ways; happiness is how we feel when we are tuned in to Source, to God, to the essence of all being.

This being is who we really are. When we tune into it, we tune into our own essence, our own true being. That’s why it feels good. It is the authentic expression of who we really are.

But we don’t have to meditate in a cave to be authentic. Many people find their happiness in life, doing many varied activities. The authentic expression of their own essential being doesn’t have to be overtly spiritual.

And yet for some of us it is overtly spiritual. My own path led me to research different spiritual teachings in depth, scouring them for clues as to the nature of happiness. I don’t have a career or a purpose or a passion separate from my spiritual practice. This is the subject matter where I most authentically express my own being, where I can tune in most easily to the being within me.

At times I thought about becoming a monk or a hermit, but being a monk or a hermit doesn’t make you holy. It just makes it easier to explain to others what you’re about.

And explain to oneself too.

Abraham says that we can have ten subjects of importance to us, and nine of them feel bad when we think about them. Not having enough money, not having the relationships we want or the job we want or the car we want. But if we focus on the one subject that feels good to us, and stay on that subject, that’s enough to keep us aligned with Source, and all those other subjects have to align with us.

I’m coming around to realising that my spiritual search isn’t just a search, it’s the subject where I most easily align. It’s my one subject where I feel so good, without resistance, and all I need do is stay here to enjoy deep and lasting happiness that overflows into all other aspects of my life.

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