Flying dragon in the heavens

Life is a flow.

Outcomes are outcomes.

We can look to outcomes, taking stock. But the outcomes are not life as it is lived.

The stream of well-being flows, it is not an outcome.

To manage the flow of life, that is where intentions and feelings come into focus and balance; while fixating on outcomes produces confusion.

Hexagram 1, 5th Line contains the following attributed to Confucius:

Things that accord in tone vibrate together. Things that have affinity in their inmost natures seek one another. Water flows to what is wet, fire turns to what is dry. Clouds (the breath of heaven) follow the dragon, wind (the breath of earth) follows the tiger. Thus the sage arises, and all creatures follow him with their eyes. What is born of heaven feels related to what is above. What is born of earth feels related to what is below. Each follows its kind.

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