Finding your innate happiness

We don’t experience reality directly. We translate it through the medium of our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

That’s why it’s so powerful to make peace with where we are – not in resignation, but in acceptance that this is our own temporary and malleable creation.

Pushing or pulling against aspects of our experience is futile. Giving attention to unwanted conditions keeps them active.

But if we accept how we feel within the reality we’ve created, we change how we relate to our own creative process. We become conscious of reality as an act of creative attention.

And since reality is an act of creative attention, the moment we think about changing it we give our attention to thoughts of dissatisfaction and need and pushing against our own creation.

The trick is to accept it as it is in the moment: an act of creative attention; and in that acceptance we let go of struggle and resistance to our own creation, and become aware of our intrinsic power.

In the absence of struggle and resistance, our deeper desires and preferences will naturally emerge. It’s like falling asleep. You can’t fall asleep by trying, all you can do is relax and put yourself in the best conditions for sleep to come.

Happiness is innate in all of us, and it is only obscured by our attention to unwanted thoughts and conditions, which mount and increase by our efforts to push against them.

Accepting this whole creative reality as it is right now allows our innate happiness to rise to the surface.

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