I’m choosing to feel good

All day we think thoughts and those thoughts prompt in us a feeling: positive or negative, enjoyable or not enjoyable, depending on the harmony or disharmony between these thoughts and our own inner being.

Our feelings are perfect feedback on the harmony or alignment between the thoughts we are focused on and the thoughts in our inner being.

Many of us learn to disregard this feedback. We are taught, both in words and by example, that some things are more important than our feelings.

Mostly we are taught “do as I say!” is more important! But there are many other things too: how others see us, working hard, being successful, being respected, following the rules, conforming to societal conventions, being realistic; we each have our own personal account of what is more important than feeling good.

But these thoughts do not feel good. They do not serve us. We do not benefit from ignoring our own feelings. And the best proof of this is that the ultimate justification of all such rules is “and then I will feel good”.

If I am perfect, then I will feel good. If I am successful, then I will feel good. If I please people, then I will feel good. If I work hard enough, then I will feel good.

These thoughts themselves do not feel good; but no one ever taught us to pay attention to that feeling and accept its guidance.

What might your life look like if you listened to that guidance and stopped believing things that don’t feel good?

I don’t have to work hard

I don’t have to be perfect

I don’t have to please anyone but myself

I don’t have to be “realistic”

I don’t have to explain myself

I am meant to enjoy life

My life is meant to be easy

I am creating my reality

I am choosing how I feel

I am directing my attention to thoughts that feel good.

I am enjoying this process

Everything I want is coming to me easily

I’m getting better and more practiced at choosing my thoughts and directing my attention.

Things I have wanted are coming to me easily as I feel better, and coming to me in ways I appreciate and prefer.

The world I’ve been creating has changed and will continue to change. It will always be in a state of evolution and becoming, expansion and enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “I’m choosing to feel good

  1. Very well written! We always have a choice to make, to feel better or not to feel better. It is all in our hands to turn our days into days that we feel better.
    Have a nice weekend 😊

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