It’s a really nice day today

Recently I learned that I’d been approaching my work with a basic premise that didn’t serve me.

The premise was that if I understood myself and reality I would know how to avoid suffering and find happiness.

But some friends helped me recognise that this premise is just a belief, and that holding onto this belief did not feel good.

What if instead of seeking objective truths to believe in, I chose to believe things that feel good to me?

After all, the only reason I wanted the objective truth about reality was because I thought I would feel better.

Even knowing the limitations of knowledge and the dubiousness of objectivity…

In fact, my definition of “objective” really meant “keeping my feelings out of it”. So I was looking for truth to set me free, but dismissing my own emotional guidance as I examined truth after truth, hoping to find an answer that would “objectively” allow me to feel a subjective state of happiness.

It’s funny.

Imagine instead if your whole view of life was constructed out of thoughts that felt really good to you!

There’s no downside to that – there can’t be, because it wouldn’t be included among your beliefs.

Imagine feeling supported by every one of your beliefs, every thought in your head.

It’s a really nice day today, and I’m feeling very good.

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