Practicing happiness 18

Yesterday I had some very satisfying evidence of how I create my reality.

In the morning I learned that by finding things I like or prefer about my present moment I tune myself into what is already working for me – what I’ve already created.

These things don’t feel wonderful or amazing…they are things I accept as normal and even take for granted.

But that’s the point. I allowed these things, and I continue to allow them, and therefore they feel normal.

Things that don’t feel normal are therefore beyond what I’m currently allowing.

My current home feels normal. A bigger and more beautiful home feels beyond normal. In other words it feels out of reach.

So how do I allow something that currently feels out of reach?

If I start to appreciate the things that I’ve already allowed, then I get better at allowing. If I think about things I desire in an “allowing” way – focusing on the aspects that I like – then I will allow more of those likeable aspects in.

As I was reflecting on this while taking a walk I started to think of a close friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I found myself missing my friend, but since I was learning to focus on what I like and what I’m already allowing, I started to think that way: “I like that my friend is there, feeling good about me.” “I like that my friend is on their own journey along with me.” “I like that my friend cares about me.”

I can’t remember the exact thoughts but they were really simple, easy, and not even very strong. It’s as if someone had said “do you like your coffee black or white?” And I just replied “I prefer white”. That simple.

Then my thoughts turned to my wife and I started thinking of how much I like her and how she loves me and how good it is spending time together. Still in a slightly detached “I prefer this…” way.

So I was walking along, feeling fairly normal, when for some reason I turned around to see a car pull up, and out jumped my dear friend.

You can probably imagine how I felt. I was inwardly laughing at how perfect this “coincidence” was, laughing at how I had allowed it to happen. Laughing at this beautiful moment of the universe winking at me.

My friend high-fived me, we shared a happy moment and went our separate ways, not so much reassured that all is well and we are both on track, because seeing each other in those perfect circumstances was already completely “normal” in that moment. I already knew everything is perfect, and the moment was more like a beautiful celebration of that. Reflection , not reassurance. Celebration, not confirmation.

And immediately after we parted I felt…totally normal.

So I’m learning how this all works, and I’m calibrating and tuning in my practice so that I can be more in a state of allowing things I like rather than resisting them.

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