Practicing happiness 13

My goal is to feel better all the time, to master the art of finding alignment, that soothing, gentle, and satisfying place within myself.

This art stands alone. It’s independent of external circumstances – though obviously it’s easier to practice when conditions are good.

It’s a bit like learning to have good posture. Harder to do it when you’re tired or stressed or busy with work, but eventually it’s something you can practice even in the most difficult circumstances. And there comes a time when it’s easy under any circumstances.

I’m feeling so much better. I’m learning to feel better more consistently, and the process has brought up (and let go) many points of resistance.

Resistance is where I implicitly or explicitly say that something is more important than feeling better. It never is.

And as I let go of my resistance I become easier in myself. I create less friction and less turmoil in my life. I soften conflict rather than exacerbate it. I tend towards relief rather than struggle.

It’s definitely a skill, and even an art. It’s changing my life from the inside out, and I’m extremely grateful for it.

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