Practicing happiness 11

Your aim should be to feel good.

If you can’t feel good, feel better.

If you can’t feel better, feel less bad.

If you can’t feel less bad, at least don’t feel worse.

If you can’t not feel worse, at least only feel a little bit worse.

If you can’t do any of these, at least appreciate that you know you’re not doing any of them!

Even the smallest shift changes your momentum.

Make the smallest shift, and tomorrow you can start afresh.

You’ll get there. Even if there’s some turbulence you’ll definitely get there.

Take these small steps and honestly you can’t help but get there.

Take these small steps and you can’t avoid getting there.

It’s all these tiny shifts in feeling that add up, free things up, and bring you lasting relief.

Just don’t give up, and be gentle on yourself when it seems like you’ve failed. You can’t fail. And no one else can tell you the magnitude of your challenge so don’t compare yourself to others or apologise for lack of progress.

F*** it all and just feel better (less bad, not as worse, etc).

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