Feeling better: the smallest possible improvement

Just a quick addendum to the previous post: let your feeling better be the smallest possible improvement.

That’s how slight it is. Don’t try to have some kind of brutal shift in your emotions. For me (and others who habitually try to hard) it’s better to aim for the slightest improvement in how you feel.

You know why? Because the slightest improvement is achievable. You can do that. And there’s immense value in knowing and seeing and confirming that you did it.

You did it. You felt better at will. And yes it was slight, but you know it was the right direction. Slight improvement after slight improvement, just whenever you remember; if it’s all in the right direction then you’re really getting somewhere. You’re really practicing the right movement.

Take all the stress and urgency out of it. In your own words and your own way just find the smallest improvement to your feelings right now!

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