Practicing happiness 02

Systematic happiness

We tend to focus on happiness via outcomes and circumstances, getting things the way we want them.

But it’s much better to approach happiness as systematic instead, practicing feeling better consistently and continuously regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes we even value specific outcomes more than feeling better. In my own search for happiness I’ve found that I tend to put so much value on finding “the answer” that I forget to feel better, and can end up struggling and striving instead.

But ironically when I practice feeling better systematically, answers just come to me anyway without any struggle.

So just practice feeling better and over time you’ll see that nothing else is as effective or consistent in finding happiness.

2 thoughts on “Practicing happiness 02

  1. It helps me a lot to realize that feelings are just a bunch of hormones being released in the body and often have very little to do with reality. These hormonal responses were developed during the many centuries where man lived in a primitive civilization and mostly are simply no longer relevant in this modern day and age. Once this realization is made, it is possible to wash out useless primitive bad feelings and call upon good feelings when required.

    • So long as it helps you find good feelings! I made the mistake of thinking that both bad and good feelings were meaningless, but it turns out living without good feelings really sucks 😅

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