Practicing happiness day 01

It’s round two, folks! I’m back, doubly convicted of the benefits that just feeling better brings, over and against my drive to understand or problem solve or search for answers.

I’ve been confused, because thinking a lot gives me a sense of coherence and coherence feels good.

But in hindsight the most beneficial thing I’ve done in the past few months was my happiness challenge and related series where I simply focused on feeling better moment-by-moment and thought-by-thought.

It’s simple: if you only focus on things that feel better then eventually everything will feel better. It’s kinda foolproof and I’m pretty sure other breakthroughs that have happened are due to this deceptively humble practice.

Okay, I give up. Let me do this again. I’m going to focus on what feels better, focus in ways that feel better, look (more gently than before) for better feeling thoughts.

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