Feeling good is enlightenment

I used to think enlightenment was something magical, mysterious, and transformative. Something conferred or earned through practice or through the wisdom of sudden realisation.

But I’m finally accepting that enlightenment is just deliberately feeling good, feeling better for the sake of feeling better.

What I missed

It’s not that I misunderstood per se, but I too quickly seized on enlightenment as the solution to my problems, something that would fulfil what I lacked.

So my understanding of enlightenment was an extrapolation from my focus on “lack”. It was like a vague and mysterious shadow, a promise of relief from, freedom from unwanted conditions.

But that meant my idea of enlightenment was just another action pathway: “I’ll feel better if I get this”.

Actual enlightenment

Actual enlightenment is just recognising that we can deliberately focus and feel better, and our circumstances follow from this focus, not the other way around.

There’s no transformation to undergo. Enlightenment and delusion exist on a continuum, just like joy and sorrow.

Some people say that once enlightened you can never be deluded again, and I don’t know for sure what they mean. It’s not as though we would want to be deluded again, so perhaps what they mean is that once you are practiced enough at deliberately feeling good, you won’t suddenly forget and begin unconsciously feeling terrible.

For where I’m at, it’s enough – more than enough – to see that I was chasing the promise of fulfilment while reinforcing a sense of lack. That’s why feeling better was hitherto still not enough for me, and why I sabotaged my own happiness for the sake of something “more”.

4 thoughts on “Feeling good is enlightenment

  1. I used to think the same. That enlightenment is something that happens at a point in our lives which changes rest of the life magically. But no i was wrong. Just like you i later realized that enlightenment is feeling good. It comes with awareness, acceptance and lot more things that hhelps us to face the life in a more meaningful aand a harmonized way 😊

    • Glad to find a like mind 😄 I’m feeling so much better than I used to, Vihani. It’s such a relief not to be always striving toward that mistaken goal and just feel good instead. I’m curious about what set you on that idea of enlightenment in the first place. For me I think it was a religious background coupled with an unhappy childhood that made enlightenment seem like the answer to all my problems.

      • Really glad to know you feel better than you’ve used to! 😊 Some toxic relationships and failed goals left me with two choices. To keep suffering more or to grow up and find happiness again. I chose the second. I didn’t want to depend on anyone in order to find my happiness again and thats where i decided to be strong alone and to seek enlightenment. Now when i wake up every morning , I choose happiness. I choose to enjoy the day, feel good, feed my soul with gratitude and follow the path of enlightenment. That mindset changed my life a lot. I feel so much better now.

        • Glad you’re feeling better too 😄 Yeah, your story sounds really familiar in the themes of not depending on anyone, being strong and independent, and overcoming suffering. Thanks for sharing. Being happy is so much easier and enjoyable 😊

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