Feel good all day 10

If you can’t feel good right now, feel less bad. Relief is the key. Find the feeling of relief and enjoy it, trusting that relief will take you in the direction of better and better feelings.

Sometimes the way forward feels like going backwards. But in time it’s easy to see how much good came from releasing resistance. And releasing resistance feels like relief.

Whatever shook you out of your natural joy and inspiration as a child must have seemed pretty scary back then. And if you’ve kept those scary thoughts alive for years, then cut yourself some slack.

Expecting yourself to be beyond this kind of resistance and contrast is itself a form of resistance. Go easy on yourself, because ease is your aim after all; start by feeling ease right now.

Feeling joy where there was resistance before, no doubt it will be a bit uncomfortable and raw. But it will be okay. Soothe everything. Reach for relief, comfort, and ease.

Notice how these episodes of contrast resolve quicker and quicker, easier and easier each time. Your practice is paying off. Even in the midst of contrast you now know it is good.

Whatever convinced you to abandon your naive happiness as a child must have seemed very compelling. But now it is only your thoughts that keep the compulsion alive.

It doesn’t help to compel yourself in the opposite direction. The true opposite of compulsion isn’t more compulsion but ease, relief, and letting go.

So find ease. You don’t need answers; ease is the answer. Feel relief. The only reason you want solutions is for the relief they promise. So just skip the solution and practice relief right now.

Find a relieved way to live your life. Find an easy approach to the things that trouble you. The spirit that makes all things new is already within us. It’s just up to us to embrace the ease and relief it brings.

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