Feel good all day 6

Virtual tour of a Japanese shrine.

Yesterday I caught up with a friend over Skype and he used his phone to give me a virtual tour of his local shrine.

Not only was it a beautiful place to “visit”, but another great example of the power of everyday technology.

And how great for my friend to have such beautiful places within walking distance of his home. I’m glad he appreciates them enough to share (it didn’t even occur to me to ask).

I’ve always loved the idea of shrines and temples spread out across the land like little anchors of peace and holiness.

It’s symbolically very fitting for my “feel good all day” project: imagine all those sacred sites connecting and overflowing to such a degree that you’re never far from that sense of transcendence and grace.

Likewise in my own daily experience I’m seeking to feel good often enough and consistently enough that it becomes a single overflowing happiness that fills my life. Doesn’t that sound good?

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