I want vitality

I’ve changed the title from wanting to be free of pain, because it’s much more effective to focus on the wanted than the unwanted.

When pain or other unwanted physical symptoms arise they tend to grab our attention.

But that’s largely because we haven’t practiced directing and focusing our thoughts and attention.

My pain used to arise whenever I was stressed. But I’m much better at letting go of stress now.

So now I’m noticing pain arise differently: it arises after I’ve been feeling really good.

A faster stream

Abraham-Hicks uses the metaphor of a stream to make the point that when we feel good our stream is flowing faster. While feeling good is obviously what we desire, a faster flowing stream means that resistance is amplified.

A great example is when you work on improving your posture and find you can no longer bear slumped or slouching positons that used to feel normal.

Or when you take up exercise and find you can no longer bear sitting in front of the TV like you once did.

After feeling good?

Notice I said the pain now starts after I’ve been feeling good, and that means I’ve stopped focusing on thoughts that feel good, I’ve let my mind wander, and some old resistance has cropped up.

The best bet would be to not lose focus in the first place but that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey.

Instead we can take the opportunity to clean up our thoughts and attitude around whatever subject has triggered the resistance, or around the subject of our physical body itself.

A body that feels good

If you are prone to physical aches and pains like I have been, it means we’ve been telling an old story about our bodies that isn’t up to speed with the fullness of health and happiness.

I used to have many negative thoughts about my body, and I’m excited now about applying all that I’ve learned to my physical well-being.

The way forward is to start appreciating every aspect of your body that works well and feels good.

If your back hurts, I’ll bet nearly every other bit of you feels good in comparison. Appreciate the hell out of every inch of you that works well and feels good.

Appreciate instead of noticing or focusing on unwanted symptoms.

If you devoted as much time to appreciating what works, what feels good, as you have to what hurts…imagine the transformation to your quality of life and happiness!

We create pain…and appreciation

The truth is I used to ignore the parts of me that don’t hurt. So my physical self-image is of a body I only really noticed when it went wrong.

I’ve been training myself to look for unwanted aspects of my physical embodiment. And so all I have in my memory is selective evidence of a body that is always going wrong!

What I want now is a total inversion on that score: set an intention to feel physically good all the time, appreciate my wellness, and let aches and pains become the most minor exceptions to this new rule.

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