Feel good all day 3

This old kookaburra was sitting in the tree above me while I wrote yesterday.

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary (and my wife’s too 😜). Nine years feels pretty substantial. We must be doing something right, and as my focus on feeling better takes hold it begins to feel like we’re doing everything right.

Yesterday was amazing. The only low point only served to help clarify what I want, how good I’d like to feel, and put into perspective some small pockets of resistance still active in my mind.

I’m at that wonderful place of being able to sit and feel appreciation for my life right now, and the journey I am on.

I’m taking away momentum from old patterns of thought, and freeing up energy to focus on new thoughts of how good life can be, how satisfied I can feel.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. Today is pouring with rain, and I feel just as happy. Whether it’s raining or shining I have in myself the power to choose my point of focus, and decide to focus on what feels good all day, every day of my life.

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