Easing difficult conversations

I had a miraculous conversation recently where subjects that might have proved gut wrenching in their difficulty were…easy.

They were easy because I allowed them to be, and I allowed them to be by focusing on ease over and over these past few months.

How often do we charge headlong into painful territory just because we think it’s “necessary”?

I’ve found the Abraham-Hicks advice profoundly helpful: if it doesn’t feel good to do or say something then don’t. If it really seems necessary, then do your best to make peace with it, soothe it, and feel good about it first.

Choosing ease over and over again gets you in the right frame of mind to find ease when it really matters.

I’m really appreciating having worked with such focus to feel good lately. It’s given me an expectation of ease. And expecting things to be easy is a great way to make them so.

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