Believe that you have received it

It’s much more simple than I imagined.

The things we desire in life each have a “feeling” associated with them.

I want to be wealthy, and if I imagine having wealth right now it feels a certain way.

How often do I let myself feel that good? If I’m honest with myself, it’s not as often as I would like.

If you prayed for wealth and, as instructed, believed you had received it, wouldn’t you enjoy that good feeling right away? And would that good feeling persist?

That’s how simple it is. Simple, but not easy to do if you have practised believing other things, like your old stories that feel terrible and only add momentum to unwanted circumstances.

All you need to do is let yourself feel the feeling of what you desire (believe you have received it), and let the feeling be enough.

That last part is crucial because your embrace of the good feeling must be genuine. You can’t have one eye on the feeling and the other eye scanning for signs of what you want.

Keeping score and looking for evidence apart from the feeling itself dilutes it. It’s the difference between believing and “wishful thinking”.

Wealth has a feeling, if I believe then I must embrace that feeling and let the feeling be enough. Only that will count as sincere belief.

And after all, the reason we want wealth is to feel better. So feeling good right now is already the result I’m after, and the last, final step in letting go of old habits and old stories.

4 thoughts on “Believe that you have received it

    • Lol. Yeah I think people try to use action to make up for lack of actual belief. They say “well if I believe it, I should go ahead and act like it” which doesn’t usually work. In my opinion a “leap of faith” shouldn’t feel like a leap of faith to the person leaping.

  1. “Simple, but not easy to do if you have practised believing other things, like your old stories that feel terrible and only add momentum to unwanted circumstances.” —Very true!

    It’s also applicable to receiving healing, if you want to get well when you’re ill. The problem is when your consciousness is more focused on your physical condition and circumstances, like when you’re broke or enduring some physical pain, instead of what you really want to happen. 😦

    I also think one has to have an anchor for believing something. Like believing in a higher power, in God, in Infinite Intelligence, in the Universe, or whatever that makes the believer believe that what they want to receive is really possible. Or perhaps just the mere belief that one deserves to receive what they’re asking for.

    What do you think?

    • Thanks for the comment!
      I agree on both counts. I’ve always had an “anchor” of knowing that there just has to be more to life, but now I’m learning how to meaningfully use that anchor to help me feel better.

      With illness and pain I used to try to dig to the root causes, and that worked, but lately I’m finding it more effective just to soothe and soften my thoughts and feel better. I reckon it’s because of my general practice feeling better that I can focus more easily now.

      Money has been more difficult for me in the past, but I’ve had some wonderful contrast lately that is helping me appreciate money more and let go of my resistance 😊

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