Count Your Blessings Day 5

It’s actually brilliant…

Counting my blessings is doing something to me that is both cool and amusing.

I’m beginning to take for granted that each day is full of blessings.

I’m even getting a bit impatient about writing them out.

And I’m definitely feeling eager for more. Not necessarily more of the same, but more variety, more richness, more surprise, more satisfaction.

Today was spent mostly at home, and I really appreciated it. I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything.

Well, I drove my wife and son to a meet up with friends and picked them up later, but most of the day was spent relaxing.

In the past I would avoid all kinds of events and activities, but I didn’t really relax. I just wanted to avoid the extra stress because, truth be told, I was still stressed at home.

I carried my stress around with me. Keeping it alive and feeding it frequently.

But today felt like genuine relief, because I felt real appreciation for the down-time after so many days of uncharacteristic activity.

There were lots of beautiful moments today. Watching my wife and the kids dance to some YouTube videos.

Enjoying the delicious meal my wife cooked, while I was blissfully unaware she was even doing it.

Sitting with a coffee on the front porch in the cold autumn air.

Playing Minecraft with my son.

And little things like aches and pains that would have ruined my day were just…things I noticed, I guess?

So I’m wanting more now, and I’m getting a clearer picture of the kind of feel I’m after.

The process of counting my blessings has focused and tuned me in super quickly to what a blessing is, what it feels like, and what more I can look forward to.

I have a sense that it is never going to stop being this process of discovery and expansion.

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