Happiness Day 20

So it’s day 20 of what started as my Happiness Challenge to feel good all the time.

I stopped calling it a Challenge around day 11 because it seemed contrary to my goal to label happiness “challenging”.

Just now I went back and read my first few posts, and I was really encouraged by how far I’ve come in such a short time.

I still have occasional bad feelings, and there are one or two subjects that can dampen my mood.

But I’m managing them. I’m feeling so much better than before this challenge. Not least because it’s just shifted my perspective.

I’m no longer trying to achieve a breakthrough moment that changes everything. Instead I’m looking to stay in a good feeling place all the time, and it turns out that I’m a lot closer to stable positive emotion than I thought.

I’m learning to value feeling good, and I’m learning the rules and principles that help me stay there.

My favourite one is Ease. Ease is like a new companion or a skill I gained by levelling up. Ease makes everything easy, and the more I use it the stronger it gets.

Speaking of ease, it’s time for bed. Thank you for following my posts! I’m planning to aim for at least Day 30 and then take stock of everything. I’m pretty sure by then I’ll be inspired to take the next step, whatever that might be!

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