Count Your Blessings Day 4

Gaining momentum.

Real life is interfering with my blogging!

We visited friends for three hours with their one year old boy this morning, and then visited my in-laws for another couple of hours.

The day seemed to go by fast.

Just before dinner an old friend dropped by and we had a great conversation over a beer or two. Totally unexpected but a wonderful surprise, just the sort of thing I’m expecting to appreciate more often!

I had lots of cool insights today into subjects that are important to me, and I’m almost too tired to post at all.

I’m adjusting to the higher energy of a more active life. It’s the complete opposite of my past approach, where I’d tried to eliminate distractions to better focus on solving my problems.

My positive momentum continues to grow. It’s both more “normal” than I’d expected and yet a completely out-of-character kind of development for me.

For example, while visiting my in-laws, my son told me his daily step count on his Fitbit. Everyone else was busy, so on impulse I decided to go for a walk with him around the neighbourhood to get his count higher.

The walk wasn’t amazing or full of surprises, but it was a nice change, and what it shows is the threshold for inspiration and spontaneous action is getting lower and lower for me.

More and more small things like this are happening to me. New ideas, fresh inspiration, all made possible by an attitude of openness stemming from a positive expectation of life.

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