Happiness Day 18

I had a whole post prepared on bad memories come good, explaining how we can change the past by how we feel right now.

But it didn’t feel good, and I couldn’t justify continuing it, when I’d much rather write something that does feel good to me.

Writing these posts has become an opportunity to focus on how good I’m feeling and how much I’m appreciating this journey.

Focusing on happiness and feeling better is lifting up every corner of my life, and exceptions are becoming untenable.

I keep noticing subjects where I haven’t yet gone to work, and immediately looking for ways to soften and soothe those thoughts, steering gently toward less negative and then more positive feelings.

I may have further to go, but I’m enjoying the path. Each day I’m busy, and I’m learning to enjoy the busyness and energy that comes with it.

I have this feeling of anticipation, that soon there are going to be more things I enjoy each day than things I don’t enjoy.

Soon good feelings are going to outnumber negative ones. Soon allowing is going to outweigh resistance.

And then it will be just a clean-up operation, an easy victory over any remaining pockets of resistance.

I’m optimistic. I might even be more than optimistic, because I have a sense of knowing of certitude that the happiness I seek is on its way.

And this knowing is itself a source of happiness, joy at the further unfolding of my path.

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