Count Your Blessings Day 2

I’m really impressed that this “count your blessings” series has already proven to be much more than just a list of good things.

It’s already prompted a serious rethink of what constitutes a “blessing” in my life, and reinforced my need to affirm and endorse my personal perspective against the crowd.

Things got meta real quick, and if that’s not a persona form of blessing, I don’t know what is.

So let’s start today’s count with this very idea:

First, I was inspired to start counting my blessings on the blog!

Last night I was inspired to go for a walk around our big block carrying my daughter in her sleeping bag. She fell asleep ten minutes in, and I brought her home and put her straight to bed!

Afterwards I had a great conversation with my wife about things that had been troubling her. It was very positive and significant and great to share.

I slept well!

It’s another beautiful autumn day with the sun shining, birds singing, and a cool refreshing breeze reassuring us that colder weather is on its way.

I had a good phone conversation with my brother about temperaments and family and religion and lifestyle stuff. Par for the course of our interesting discussions.

My wife misplaced her glasses and we haven’t yet found them. This might not sound like a blessing but I love omens and she’s definitely having to see the world differently for a bit 😜

We all went for a walk around the neighbourhood for an hour or so and bought some pies from a local bakery that turned out to be the most delicious we’ve had in years!

I found my wife’s glasses…acting on intuition, it turned out our daughter had hidden them away in a toy box.

Tonight we visited friends at their beautiful new home and stayed for dinner. Much beer was enjoyed, the kids had a great time playing together, and it was a lovely night (made all the better by a growler of home brew IPA to take home).


This discipline of counting my blessings has changed how I relate to events in my day.

Previously, visiting friends would have been fun…BUT I would have been preoccupied by worries.

Are we bringing enough? Is it too much, will they be insulted? Should we have brought something for the kids? How long should we stay?

If I wasn’t actively looking for blessings to count, I would have been too caught up in worries to appreciate how good it is to catch up with friends for the evening.

This practice of counting blessings prompts me to put things into categories: either blessings or not. And if they are, I should appreciate them fully.

Yesterday I reflected on the deeply personal things that could count as blessings…even if the crowd has no use for them. Today I’m at the other extreme, appreciating things that are obviously blessings (duh!) notwithstanding my old neurotic worries about them.

I don’t need to spell out that this is all a blessing too, but I will because it’s just the sort of insight I appreciate! Thank you!

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