Love, and the kingdom of God

“seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”

What is the Kingdom of God?

A kingdom is not a physical location. The suffix -dom is a state, as we see in freedom and wisdom.

The Greek βασιλεία can also be translated as kingship, authority, sovereignty.

So the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven is not a place we are trying to enter, but a state in which God or heaven leads and rules.

And since we know that God is love, the kingdom of God means the rule of love.

Seeking the kingdom of God means being ruled by love.

I love the coming together of Christian spirituality and the Abraham Hicks material on this point.

In Abraham terms, we should try to feel good and seek the most positive feelings of love and appreciation, and be led and guided from within that state of alignment with our source (God).

And from within that state we will no longer be resisting the abundance of life prepared for us. And all these things shall be added to you.

It’s ultimately as simple as the commandments to love God and our neighbour, and to remain in a state of love.

The best of the mystics are like this. They simply live in a state of the highest love and appreciation.

Their lives are transformed because they remain focused on love. They bring joy to others because they are focused on love. They perform miracles because they are focused on love.

People came to them for guidance because of the love that enlivened and enlightened them, the love that ruled their lives.

10 thoughts on “Love, and the kingdom of God

  1. Edgar cayce
    “What is the difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God?
    The kingdom of heaven is within, where God has promised to meet us. We can
    only find our way back to the kingdom of God, through the kingdom of heaven.
    The kingdom of heaven is a condition, a consciousness, through which we become
    aware of that relationship we bear to the Father.
    The kingdom of God is the activity of the kingdom of heaven. The attunement of
    the individual prepares a channel through which the Creative Forces can give
    evidence of the kingdom of God. Love, hope, the manner in which we act towards
    our fellow man are fruits of the spirit of truth and manifestations of the kingdom
    of God. Just as in the lesson “Cooperation” we learned that the Holy Spirit is God
    in action, so here we find that the kingdom of God is the kingdom of heaven in

      • Ah but a gifted psychic like Edgar Cayce …
        Besides concept biblewise I too think it checks out with those who are deeply and we’ll studied AND BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE

    • The key dynamic from the above to understand the relationship of the w kingdoms
      “The kingdom of God is the activity of the kingdom of heaven.”

      • This when you say
        “the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven is not a place we are trying to enter, but a state in which God or heaven leads and rules.”
        Where Cayce says THO “The kingdom of God is the activity of the kingdom of heaven.” your statement OR might have an I consistency with the actual dynamic relationship between the two

        • I hadn’t come across Cayce until you mentioned him. I’m not really interested in investigating his theories, and I don’t mind that my thoughts are not consistent with his beliefs. If I’m wrong (and it’s important) I’m sure I’ll find out sooner or later. But in the meantime there are too many divergent views to worry about consistency with all of them.

  2. Interesting consideration of the difference between the two kingdoms…
    Melchisedec is about the kingdom of heaven
    And jesus is about the kingdom who arrives on a donkey
    Where THO Mel rides a horse. ..HMMM

    • Kingdom of heaven as the lion defeating evil inclinations as per Armageddon etc and then that done the believer is able to bring about the perfect kingdom of god ..following the example of Jesus…the sacrificial lamb

    • Psalm110
      The Lord said to my Lord: Sit thou at my right hand: Until I make thy enemies thy footstool.ENEMIES..ONES REMAINING INDWELLING SINS ONE HASNT FACED YET

      2 The Lord will send forth the sceptre of thy power out of Sion: rule thou in the midst of thy enemies.

      3 With thee is the principality in the day of thy strength: in the brightness of the saints: from the womb before the day star I begot thee.

      4 The Lord hath sworn, and he will not repent: Thou art a priest for ever according to the order of Melchisedech.

      5 The Lord at thy right hand hath broken kings in the day of his wrath.

      6 He shall judge among nations, he shall fill ruins: he shall crush the heads in the land of the many.
      7 He shall drink of the torrent in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head.HEAD AS THE RENEWED ISRAEL..THE CONSCIOUS RENEWED MIND ON SOLID FOOD NO LONGER A BABY CHRISTIAN ON MILK

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