On reading omens

An augur is someone who reads omens.

Since we create our reality, pretty much anything and everything can serve as an omen.

But omens are most potent when they are emotionally significant, because it is as a match to our emotional state that the elements of our reality take shape.

For example, I’ve recently been reassessing aspects of my past, my formative years, with a sense of finality and moving on from bad experiences that had shaped my whole worldview.

Coinciding with this, a neighbour has liberally fertilised his yard, leaving our adjacent yard reeking of death and swarming with flies.

For years we’ve used the back door of our unit as the main thoroughfare, but because of the smell and the flies we’ve started using the front door…like normal people, I guess.

To me it is obvious that this occurrence is full of meaning.

One’s home signifies one’s life. In this instance the back yard is necessarily the past, and I’ve been living through the past for many years.

The openly foul smell and irritating flies are coming not from my property but an adjacent one (not my fault), and I’ve simply had enough of it, choosing to no longer live through the past but instead live in the present.

The front of the house represents also the self that we show to others, whether it be authentic or a facade. I’ve lived in two different places since I left the home I grew up in, and ironically in both of them the front door has stood unused and perpetually locked.

Symbolically, choosing to use the front door is a definite separation from my childhood home and a new way of engaging with the world outside.

I’ve lived here for years, but it feels now like a new home in a new world, no longer quietly coming and going through the back – through the past – at least until the air has cleared!


Just a coincidence? Well coincidence comes from “coincide” which means “occupy the same space, agree in position” and apparently comes from Medieval Astrology…

We might use the word now to denote a meaningless relationship between two events, but that’s just a reflection of one’s worldview.

If you have a meaningless worldview, then of course events will be meaningless to you.

But to me it is fitting, or meet, that events coincide like this.

And to what end? Always to orient us, to help us see the underlying meaning and purpose and significance of life.

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