Consolations of a reflective landlord

Dtcwee has a great post today about the trials and tribulations of being a landlord:

There’s plenty of practical advice for landlords on the internet, like how to fix water heaters or evict problem tenants, but much of it is area-specific, and being demoralised makes it hard to even act on it. Sometimes I already know what needs to be done. The only thing stopping me is feeling like I’m fighting a losing battle.

So here is what I remind myself of whenever landlording difficulties leave me despondent.

I laughed out loud at the first point: No plan survives contact with the enemy.

I’ve had one very brief experience as a landlord. It wasn’t much fun, even though the tenant was great. Seeing how other landlords operate is a bit dispiriting though. The first thing we did when we moved into our unit was replace the kitchen cabinets, which were more than 40 years old, cockroach-infested, and essentially unusable due to consistent neglect. Not good enough for me to live with, but for a tenant…?

Yet Dtcwee is right – he’s providing a service for those who need it, and knowing him, the kitchen is likely in much better condition!

2 thoughts on “Consolations of a reflective landlord

  1. Haha. Not all the kitchen drawers are working, but the tenants haven’t complained.
    There’s likely bigger fish to fry.
    So do we incur the cost of fixing the drawers and chance some tenants breaking them again (if they’re unusable, they’re unbreakable), with feelings running haywire as we deliberate?
    Short answer: no. There’s a process. The job’s been quoted. It goes in the queue.
    At the end of the queue, sure, but still in the queue.
    There’s always temptation to ignore the process, and I’ll expand on that temptation in later posts.

    • Looking forward to it.
      Learning to work with non-ideal processes…it’s not easy. Like ambiguity. I prefer clarity but sometimes it’s not worth the effort.

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