I identify as underappreciated

Throwcase casts a searing and unwelcome light on the inner workings of the envious and resentful:

Very few people are the best in the world at arpeggios, and you know that’s especially true of Sam. So the next time someone says, “wasn’t his performance great” you can earnestly say “yes, but it’s such a shame about his arpeggios, you know.” If you play this card right, you can undermine all of Sam’s other achievements and make his musical abilities seem like some sort of fraud designed to disguise his embarrassing limitations with arpeggios.

Remember, if a musician has a small technical foible, it proves that everything they do is corrupt and worthless. (Please note, “musicians” in this case refers to other people, not you. That is very important.)


I’ve found that you can defuse identity-crushing envy and resentment quite easily, simply by refusing to partake in any competitive or comparative endeavours whatsoever.

It’s why I’m such an easy-going and likable person, and not at all eaten up by bitterness and pessimism and a special horror of the talented and successful.

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