Discerning The Donald

My aforementioned efforts in fiction have coincided with a slump in article-writing. Thank goodness for the American election season, a subject to which I can turn my attention  without fear of being either too pessimistic or sardonic.

Imagine if Oprah Winfrey were running for President, and the nature of the advantage becomes clear. Trump may not be as likeable, but he doesn’t have to beat Oprah, he only has to beat a few interchangeable, significantly younger career politicians who are best known to the public at large for their role in the current Presidential primaries.

How galling it must be for Trump’s rivals to have played the political game so carefully, to have plotted and planned not to mention polled every aspect of their campaign, only to be stomped underfoot by a guy who would be easy to dismiss as ostentatious, narcissistic, boorish, crude, or any other of a dozen nasty epithets if only he wasn’t winning!


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