How to remember Hiroshima

My latest piece at MercatorNet looks at how our fixation on Hiroshima and Nagasaki obscures the broader historical context of area attacks against civilian targets:

Our errant fixation with Hiroshima and Nagasaki is due not to the exceptional moral character of those actions, but to our limited understanding of how the war was waged in its final half-year.  Opinion polls have, since 1945, asked respondents what they would have done “if you had been the one to decide whether or not to use the atomic bomb against Japan”; in the broader context of the targeting of civilians, the question is flawed. The moral line separating combatants from non-combatants had long before been crossed, months earlier in Japan and earlier still in Europe.
Meanwhile, dtcwee sent through a link to this quite amazing map of Hiroshima, which locates photographs, survivor accounts, and other historical information on a map of the city itself:

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