Twitter devours its children

My wife recently discovered Stromae, a Belgian hip hop & electronic music artist. She showed me his fairly dark and creepy reworking of Carmen’s Habanera, as a social commentary on the terrors of Twitter:


Keeping with the theme, Carmen reminded me of Scott Matthew’s equally dark yet less obviously creepy Market Me To Children:


Lyrics & music by Scott Matthew

It’s a chilling claim to fame
We steal their baby brains
big minds work out strategy
that never fail to train

oh the horror

sublime this fun filled game
with branding we will compete
to enforce this force of darkness
the flock a needed treat

oh the horror

As you live and breath
you will need me
keep you craving mindlessly
we will not let you leave
you still need me
we keep you craving mindlessly,happily

This legacy I leave
of wonder, lust, deceit
robbing from the blinded boys
of them and me , and greed

oh the horror

Market me to children
market me to children


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