One thought on “The ‘I’ in ‘team’

  1. Hahaha! That’s awesome!

    Wow! It feels like so long ago now since we had to endure all that empty rhetoric about “team” and “learning from each other” and “building people up”. But all of a sudden this image brought back many of those memories and the associated discontents/resentments (though this is partly because I now have yet another data point to compare it to).

    Now that I begin to immerse myself further into the research and learning environment at a proper research institution, all of that previous stuff appears even more farcical. The mood and the attitudes of the people I now interact with in my current professional settings stand in stark contrast to what we had to endure and “respect” in our previous work environment. Here there is a palpable sense of collegiality, comradery, and security that enables each professional staff member to pursue their projects and duties with a self-confidence and confidence in others that did not seem to exist in our previous environment. It’s like the people here genuinely love what they do and approach it with both humility and fearlessness. There are no hidden “A-holes” in these teams! Or at least if there were, the environment does not favour them (the complete opposite of our previous environment).

    It may seem strange for me to be pointing these things out (even to myself) and for me to perceive them as “palpable” but such is actual the disparity between a facility that genuinely knows what it is doing, where it is going, and what its challenges are – Compared with one that is opportunistic, pretentious, which when faced with even the smallest test of its worth becomes tentative, uncertain, insecure and defensive, all of which is ultimately due to the ignorance upon which it was conceived.

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