Associate Editor looks askance at frozen berries

Greetings, O friends and readers.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently been offered some part-time work as associate editor at

MercatorNet has long afforded me a means of expression for my often idiosyncratic take on various issues pertaining to ethics, philosophy, and social commentary more generally.  I’m quietly excited to be working more closely with the editorial team, so much so that I’m putting aside my otherwise powerful resistance to employment.

While I will continue to write feature-length pieces from time to time, I’ll also be writing more blog-like/editorial content such as my newest reflection on the frozen berry Hepatitis A outbreak here in Australia.

It’s not a bad outbreak, but nothing good can come of the words “frozen berries” and “fecal contamination” in the same sentence:

Aside from the revelation that the frozen berries may be contaminated with faeces, it emerged that the two brands being recalled are owned by the same company, sourced from the same suppliers, and processed in the same factories. While “Nanna’s” invokes images of my grandmother’s home-made pies and traditional cooking, “Creative Gourmet” is supposed to appeal to the quality-conscious, the budding foodie, or anyone with aspirations to ‘cuisine’.  Yet take away the packaging and they are the same product.

Dedicated readers of this blog will notice that this links in quite nicely to the earlier post on bacon – another product that is typically sourced overseas, and subject to certain mysterious processes that are not necessarily in the best interest of the consumer.


3 thoughts on “Associate Editor looks askance at frozen berries

  1. Hi Zac, I read your bio on MercatorNet and found it interesting how you likened your redundancy to “Jonah being ‘vomited forth’ from the belly of a particularly nasty whale”.

    But I’m a bit confused!

    I admit that I am no bible scholar but I thought the whale was supposed to be nice?! I thought it had saved you from drowning at sea in a storm of post bioethics unemployment? I even heard that while you were in the belly of the whale you were afforded the chance to do mindfulness meditation and even read about the teachings of Deepak Chopra (M.D.)? I mean, didn’t it “build you up”? Make you feel that your abilities and idiosyncrasies were an asset? That you were a valuable part of a “team”? That you were in fact a “hidden gem”!? Will this whale not feel that you are being ungrateful in labeling it “nasty”?

    Anyway, congratulations! This is positive move forward in terms of employment and your aspirations as a writer.

    • I understand your confusion Matthew; it is indeed hard to understand things from the whale’s perspective. But having proved indigestible to the whale, I have learned to let go of the disappointment of not having been fully assimilated in symbiosis with that great, mindless, purposeless beast.

      But you’re right, Jonah may not have been the best example to use. After all, when Jonah warned the people of Nineveh that they were on the wrong path, the people of Nineveh actually listened to what he had to say and repented. That makes it entirely inappropriate as a depiction of our former circumstances!

      • Haha! That’s right! It turned out Jonah had nothing to fear because the people of Nineveh would indeed heed his warnings and repent. However, in our twisted version of the parable not only did they refuse to repent, they accused Jonah of being too slow, too outspoken, too difficult to market, and even condescending! There’s also a rumour that they tried to force Jonah to accept the teachings of the great charlatan that is Depak Chopra!

        So all that “nice” stuff I spoke about was just the whale’s cunning tactic of quelling the potential indigestion that eventually arose from having too eclectic a mixture of people in its belly (i.e. philosophers, scientists, physio/occupational-therapists, personal assistants, semi-retired big-pharma sales reps, and new age spiritualists!)? What a shame!

        One wonders what will become of such a mindless, purposeless, opportunistic, naive and nasty whale? Perhaps the Japanese “scientific” community (the ones that like eating whale meat) are interested in a partnership! After all, the whale had great difficulty comprehending what actual scientific research was but still very eager to promote itself.

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