Bacon day nine

bacon day nine

Today there was so little liquid leached from the curing pork, I decided to begin the air-drying process at last.

Rinsing off the cure and patting the meat dry, it’s clear how much the curing process has changed the meat.

bacon clean

I bent some old metal roast duck skewers into hooks, and hung the two pieces of bacon in our laundry.

hanging bacon

I’m not entirely sure how long I need to leave them hanging before cutting some off to try, but I guess in theory I could start cooking with them right away. I might wait at least until tonight before frying a bit of it up though…

From what I’ve been reading online, it’s possible these will turn out stupendously salty. If that’s the case, it is possible to soak the rashers in water for about an hour before use to remove some of the salt.

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