Home-made pasta sauce


Making pasta sauce was not my idea, but it has turned out to be a productive activity that lends itself to a nice day-long communal activity with a shared meal at the end.

A friend was inspired by the same principles noted in other projects on this blog: we could make the same or better than the commercial product at a fraction of the cost and with the added enrichment of actually producing something rather than being mere consumers.

My friend has a handy appliance with a number of attachments that enable him to make pasta sauce – stripping the tomatoes of their seeds and skin, make dough for pasta, knead the dough, roll the dough in progressively thinner sheets, and finally cut it into spaghetti or fettucine.

Fresh pasta with fresh pasta sauce tastes quite different from the typical store-bought stuff. I’ve never had it before, and what was perhaps most noticeable was the absence of cruder flavour associated with cheap dried pasta and overly sugared, salted, and acidified pasta sauces.

Homemade pasta sauce is a little more intimidating than my other projects, as it carries the unspecified risk of botulism poisoning. However, no one has died yet, and I’m pretty confident that this batch will be okay!

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