Home-made bread


I just baked my first proper loaf of bread, three days in the making.
Everyone who’s ever made their own bread has told me there’s nothing like it fresh out of the oven. But like the sleep-deprivation of early parenthood, you can’t really appreciate it until you experience it for yourself.

I followed a very simple recipe for homemade sandwich bread, and I’m pretty sure something went wrong along the way. Maybe my scales are out or Australian water is dryer, but I ended up with what seemed like quite a dry dough, and hence (I think) a relatively flat loaf.

Regardless, it tastes amazing, and I can really appreciate the flavour imparted by the days spent quietly resting in the fridge.


Look at that crust!
I wish you could taste it, but there’s unlikely to be any left by the time you get here.

I’ll most likely try again with the same recipe to see if I can get it to rise more.

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