Tiny-house movement

At least one Canberran is cutting back on the terrifying burden of mortgage debt by building himself a tiny, trailer-mounted house:

“The typical tiny house is built on a trailer – to get around legal and planning constraints – putting the maximum width at 2.5 metres,” he said.

“Usually people have a loft with a bed to maximise the available space.

“Most people have a mini kitchenette, and the contentious bit, that everybody is horrified by, is quite often a tiny house will have a composting toilet because you can’t easily hook the house up to sewerage.”

Mr Clapham said his solution to that problem would be a separate, very Australian, outhouse.

You can see more tiny house related material here and here. Personally I would like to have a much bigger house, but either way it’s going to be unconventional…


dtcwee is not overly impressed, noting that the Canberran’s exotic life choice is dependent on the good-will of wealthy boomer parents.

quoth dtcwee – “Ah the 1970s, when people dumb enough to overlook the effect of construction on resale value could still afford property. The ’80s called. They want their granny flats back.”


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