Not inspiring enough

While we’re on the topic of spinning one’s life story into an inspiring and significant journey worthy of book sales and talk-show appearances, this apposite piece by Throwcase hits the spot:

Though Man insisted he was just like any regular person, he was not deemed unique enough for this claim to sound self-effacing, humble, and inspirational. Instead, it came across as accurate, leaving reporters unable to spin his story into a short and emotionally wrenching video for lazy able-bodied slops to feel inspired and quote at parties as if they personally knew him.

4 thoughts on “Not inspiring enough

    • Role reversal: the white genocide article has given me a number of opportunities for sarcastic ‘bad cop’ moments. If you like you could go along and politely tell people they’re being dangerously stupid. Either way we play it, a confession is unlikely.

        • True. If nothing else it’s good practice dealing with basic logical fallacies, and a healthy reminder that not all people (polite understatement) have the capacity or the inclination to critique their own beliefs. But beneath it all I guess I’m idealistic enough to think that a reasoned and incisive response (sometimes even a sarcastic one) will challenge, shame or dismay readers.

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