The greatest gift of all

Tea and Classics

I had no idea what to get my wife for her birthday this year, nor could she think of anything she particularly wanted.

So in desperation as the date drew near, I decided I would give her the greatest gift of all: cleaning and organising our entire unit!

Lest you underestimate the magnitude of the challenge: my wife and I have strong “I might need this later” tendencies, a.k.a. hoarding.  In the four or so years since we first crammed our combined possessions into our little 1 bedroom unit, our mutually promised “we’ll sort it out later” never eventuated.

‘Later’ has at last arrived, and yesterday I took the significant step of throwing away the old pieces of quarter-round I’d kept from the old kitchen in anticipation of the day I’d need some crappy bits of wood and wouldn’t have any.

This birthday gift is turning out to be the most expensive ever.  Soon I will be forced to make hard decisions: my collection of old Chinese tea boxes…keep or throw?

The future is a scary place.


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